Remuneration Forum

The aim of the Remuneration Forum is:

  • To give all PostEurop members a platform of knowledge of the remuneration systems (terminal dues, inward land rates and other terminal dues related topics during each Congress cycle)
  • To encourage members to take an active role in the UPU work
  • To coordinate European remuneration discussions for the next UPU Congress
  • To help member posts prepare for changes in the UPU remuneration Systems
  • To provide a platform for exchange of information and expertise on other important developments in the postal area

Next Meeting

The second meeting of the Remuneration Forum in 2018 will be held on 13 November 2018 in Tallinn (Estonia). Topics will be the results of the Extraordinary UPU Congress and the subsequent UPU POC meetings. Furthermore, the future work to be done within the UPU Remuneration Integration group will be discussed.

Latest Activities & Achievements

  • The first meeting of the Remuneration Forum in 2018 has been held in Dublin, Ireland on 28 February 2018. One of the main topics was the preparation for the Extraordinary Congress in Ethiopia in September 2018, regarding the integrated remuneration plan.
  • The two Remuneration Forums in 2017 have been held in Astana, Kazakhstan and in Praha (Czech Republic).
  • Workshops in Astana, Kazakhstan, 29 August 2017 and in Praha, Czech Republic, 19 April 2017 with over 50 participants from over 30 members.
  • The workshops were practical oriented to inform members about the changes in accounting, sampling and format separation from the Istanbul Congress, entering into force 1 January 2018. Furthermore presentations have been made regarding the terminal Dues rate calculations and the quality of service link. Similar workshops have been held in the previous cycle in Georgia and Latvia.
  • A declaration was drafted regarding the future of small packets in the context of the UPU Integrated Product Plan and Remuneration Plan.
  • The main focus of the Forum meetings is to inform and discuss with members about the work planned for the next UPU cycle 2017 – 2020, in particular about the integrated remuneration plan.

Benefits of Participation

  • Raised knowledge of remuneration system implications
  • Raised ability to protect revenues and influence future developments
  • Raised ability to improve internal processes and quality
  • Become a respected partner to other posts in the evolving market situation

2 forums are usually organised each year. The aim is to also attract other members who do not usually take part in such events, to give them a better understanding of this complex task. Please contact us for any further information.


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